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22nd FRUCT Conference: Seminar on Intelligence, Social Media and Web


The seminar on Intelligence, Social Media and Web (ISMW) will be held on May 17-18, 2018.


The ISMW workshop (special session of FRUCT'22 conference) aims to discuss the fundamental and applied problems in social media, artificial intelligence, natural language and multimedia processing, and crowdsourcing technologies. The main goal of this event is to unite researchers who study social interactions on the Internet, as well as researchers from the related fields without whose contribution the study of social networks would become difficult or impossible. Our task is to discuss how to analyze the digital traces left behind by a person's activities and what conclusions can be made based on this analysis. 

We welcome researchers from both humanities and technical sciences who study social networks and social interactions on the Internet, the relationship between the virtual and real-world identities. The task is to create an interdisciplinary platform for the integration of artificial intelligence and data mining approaches with sociological, psychological and linguistic studies. The event focuses on two main points: (1) integration of data mining and social mining approaches with the approaches from humanities and other technical disciplines, (2) integration of the natural language/multimedia processing with the personalized services on the Web.

The workshop continues a series of events including the 1st Intensive Social Media Week (2015), the AINL-ISMW FRUCT conference (2015), the ISMW FRUCT school and conference (2016), and ISMW session at the 21st FRUCT conference (2017).

Young scientists and researchers from scientific centers, students and graduates, as well as industrial partners are welcome to participate. 

Topics of interest include the following subject areas: 

• Social Mining 

• Deception Detection and Personality Recognition 

• Authorship and Profiling 

• Social Copying Detection 

• Social Media Metrics 

• Data Mining for Social Networks, Multimedia and Natural Language Processing 

• Sociology, Psychology, Marketing Studies of Social Networks and Social Media 

• Information Retrieval in Social Media 

• Crowdsourcing Technologies