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Updated date Title
05.04.24 08.03.2012: Get-Together for String Algorithms Researchers in Helsinki
05.04.24 23.02.2012: Get-Together for String Algorithms Researchers in Helsinki
05.04.24 23.02.2012: String Processing Project Presentations
05.04.24 12.08.2015: Seminar on summer work projects August 12 2015
05.04.24 09.06.2015: Exactum Greenhouse demo day
05.04.24 30.11.2017: Teaching demonstration and presentation of the candidate for the position in computer science on 30.11.
05.04.24 25.09.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Computational creativity and machine learning"
05.04.24 27.09.2017: CS Alumni Syksyn Startup: Data Science
05.04.24 06.11.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Efficient and accurate approximate Bayesian computation"
05.04.24 30.10.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning Markov Equivalence Classes of Directed Acyclic Graphs: an Objective Bayes Approach"
05.04.24 29.06.2012: Compressed Full-Text Indexes for Highly Repetitive Collections
05.04.24 28.06.2012: Analysis of the subsequence composition of biosequences
05.04.24 18.09.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Probabilistic Preference Learning With The Mallows Rank Model"
05.04.24 15.09.2017: Computer Science Colloquium
05.04.24 12.09.2017: EU:n tietosuoja-asetus
05.04.24 27.01.2012: Uncertainty quantification for numerical weather prediction and climate models by Monte Carlo methods
05.04.24 19.01.2012: Get-Together for String Algorithms Researchers in Helsinki
05.04.24 19.01.2012: Positioning Algorithms; Toteutuvuustarkastuksesta
05.04.24 31.01.2012: Guest lecture: 3-Dimensional Random Assignment Problems
05.04.24 10.10.2014: Guest lecture: Managing and Analyzing Transportation Data
05.04.24 03.04.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Multilayer Networks"
05.04.24 28.03.2017: Quantified Employee – Time, results, or physiology?
05.04.24 27.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Learning to Rank: Applications to Bioinformatics"
05.04.24 20.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Future AI: Autonomous machine learning and beyond"
05.04.24 13.03.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Small data AUC estimation of machine learning methods: Pitfalls and remedies"
05.04.24 21.08.2012: Applications of Compressed Data Structures on Sequences and Structured Data
05.04.24 22.08.2012: Seminar on summer work projects
05.04.24 24.08.2012: Sequencing methods for analyzing transcription
05.04.24 30.08.2012: The case for usable mobile security
05.04.24 27.09.2012: Nanonetworks: A New Frontier in Communications
05.04.24 06.02.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Toward perfect density estimation"
05.04.24 03.02.2017: Feb 3, 15:15-16:30, UH Main Building. Rosalind Picard, MIT: Adventures in building Emotional Intelligence Technologies
05.04.24 30.01.2017: Machine Learning Coffee Seminar: "Likelihood-free inference and predictions for computational epidemiology"
05.04.24 23.01.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Metabolite identification through machine learning"
05.04.24 13.02.2017: Machine Learning Coffee seminar "Variable Selection From Summary Statistics"
05.04.24 15.08.2016: Docent lecture: Syöpägenomiikan laskennalliset menetelmät
05.04.24 27.05.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: SCOT modeling, parallel training and statistical inference
05.04.24 15.08.2016: Guest Talk on The Economics of Cloud Computing
05.04.24 09.08.2016: Summer School on Bioinformatics Data Structures
05.04.24 31.07.2016: "Song of Summer": a composition for a choir with lyrics written by a computer
05.04.24 17.03.2016: Alumni day at the University of Helsinki / Kumpula ScienceSLAM
05.04.24 11.03.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Two Applications of Stochastic Complexity
05.04.24 01.03.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Classifier Evaluation
05.04.24 23.02.2016: Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Morphological analysis in NLP
05.04.24 19.01.2016: Teaching demonstration for bioinformatics tenure track position
05.04.24 06.05.2016: Word Associations as a Language Model for Generative and Creative Tasks
05.04.24 29.04.2016: Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology: Andrew Hopper: Computing for the Future of the Planet
05.04.24 01.04.2016: Cover Song Identification Using Compression-based Distance Measures
05.04.24 01.04.2016: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Making things the hard way - Turing complete interior design
05.04.24 10.04.2015: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Three ways to divide order graph in parallel algorithms for Bayesian network structure learning
05.04.24 26.05.2015: FM-Indexes
05.04.24 24.04.2015: HIIT Kumpula Seminar: Mikko Sillanpää
05.04.24 20.05.2016: KEYS 2016: Workshop on Keyword Search and Data Exploration on Structured Data
05.04.24 19.05.2016: BREW 2016: Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop
05.04.24 18.05.2016: HIIT Guest Lecture: Caroline Colijn and Jakub Truszkowski