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Human DNA spread across the planet is worrying experts.
A puck of purple powder is the surprising novel fuel propelling a new generation of tiny satellites.
A novel ideal proposed by European researchers would guide immunotherapy cells to where they are needed most.
A new temperature-modulating robotic system reveals previously unknown collective honeybee behaviour, opening the door to new possibilities for helping bees survive in a changing climate.
New research explains the science of romantic attraction and how it restricts us.
The LAMPAS project ended in 2022 by delivering a first-of-its-kind, high-speed polygon system that produces laser-textured surfaces at high throughput. We look back on the technological breakthroughs enabling European industry to manufacture a wide range of functional surfaces.
Brits may mind their Ps and Qs, but they’ve completely overlooked their ñs and ßs. Linguist and epigraphist Philippa Steele spells out the surprising history behind our written languages.
An EU-backed project presents what it has learned so far about efficiently designing industrial symbiosis at an early stage.
Using biomass as a source of energy is particularly elegant: you take waste that is all too often part of the problem when it comes to disposal, and you break it down to get gas which is then used as fuel. This episode looks at how biofuels can help us meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Despite decades of scientific research into advanced lightweight metal alloys, only a limited number of products have reached the market. A new open innovation ecosystem aims to shorten this pathway.