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Embedded Computing for Mobile Communications

EmCoMobile Laboratory is a part of Institute of High-Performance Computer and Network Technologies

EmCoMobile Lab Fields of Activities:

R&D in Embedded Network Protocols

  • UniPro protocol family modeling and investigation (MIPI Alliance)
  • SpaceWire protocols features investigation

R&D in Hardware For Embedded Systems and SoC design

  • SpaceWire technology for Integrated Modular Spacecraft Avionics
  • Chipset with SpaceWire for aerospace applications

R&D in Software For Embedded Systems

  • Embedded Linux
  • Network Devices’ Drivers and Software packages
  • Parallel programming for Embedded Systems
  • Adaptive libraries for multi-core processors and MPSoCs
  • Digital Communication Network Simulator
  • SpaceWire network administration

Education in Embedded Computing

  • Embedded Systems MSc Curriculum development
  • M.Sc. Embedded Systems education
  • International internship and students mobility



190 000 St. Petersburg

67, Bolshaya Morskaya

Fax: +7 812 3157778