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FRUCT Qt Summer School 2010 in India


FRUCT Qt Summer School 2010 in India
Organized by FRUCT and Nokia-LETI laboratory
by Dr. Kirill Krinkin, on 2-6 August 2010, Mysore (Bangalore), India
Target audience
Newbies in Qt  (previous QT experience IS NOT required ) who have the following skills:
- good C++ knowledge, including solid understanding of inheritance, polymorphism, virtual functions concepts;
- some practical experience of development in Linux environment;
- understanding Makefile format.
The main goals of training
- to develop solid understanding Qt architecture and style;
- to provide practical exercises for real experience of Qt development.
Program of the training
QT introduction
Meta-object system, signals and slots in depth. Common Qt application architecture
Tables and lists: Standard and user models, delegates
2D graphics
Qt for mobile (technology overview)
Success criteria
During the course each participant will acquire knowledge on:
- how to create and manage Qt application project with qmake;
- define high level Qt application architecture;
- implement and test application logic.
Way of work
- Lectures with fundamentals overview;
- Instructor-led trainings for getting practical experience;
- Individual (or in pair) work on course project.
The course is strictly invitation based and all participants must introduce themselve at the school forum.