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Testing framework for OpenSSL on Maemo/Meego


Software platforms development is a difficult task, especially from quality point of view. Software platform includes many different components where all component can affect quality of platform overall. This problem becomes more important in case if manufacturer has more than one target device and need test applications/libraries on all target devices. This project is targeted to integrate and maintain new OpenSSL 1.0 library at MeeGo platform. OpenSSL library supports new important ciphers, for example wapi certification, which can extend countries where new devices can work.

Project phases

  • Initial OpenSSL 1.0 porting to MeeGo platform. Jul 2010

    This step assume create package for MeeGo platform and integrate it with current baseline (done)

  • Integrate OpenSSL 1.0 with MeeGo's test-automation framework. Sep 2010

    Integrate exists OpenSSL's tests with Testrunner-lite automation framework. Check tests on Maemo5 platform(backward compatibility). Publish testrunner-lite at extras-devel repository. (done)

  • Testing/imroving. Oct - Dec 2010

    Create and add new tests. Improve exists source code. Public changes in mainstream

Long term targets

  • Maintain OpenSSL and keep it updated with high quality
  • Improve test-framework. Make it more flexible.


  • Deb packages for OpenSSL library
  • Uploaded testrunner-lite into maemo extras-devel repository
  • Joint paper on 8th FRUCT Conference

Project team

  • Leader: Pavel Zubarev (LETI)
  • Developers: Mark Zaslavsky, Kirill Yudenok
Project Supervisor: Dr. Kirill Krinkin(LETI)
Industrial Tutor: Dr. Timofey Turenko (Nokia Devices)
Final deadline: 
Monday, January 31, 2011 (All day)