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Minutes of the 2nd telco of Video WG 2011-03-03

Dear all, please find below the minutes of the second Video WG telco:
  1. Projects:
    1. 3D video for mobile devices
        i.    3D video invited lecture (Moncef Gabbouj, Atanas Gotchevfrom TUT)
        ii.      Main topics are covered by participants (check Video WG page:  )
    2. Compressive sensing with algebraic techniques, sparsity, etc. – sweet and prospective topic for future (useful link:
    3. Low-complexity implementations of current encoders (topic is partly covered by Ann and Alexander from DTU and SUAI Video team)
  2. Funding opportunities:
    •    - Application for SPIE grant for the project
      This call for grants I was applying for is finished. But keep an eye on SPIE website in future (SPIE student membership costs around 20$ for 1 year).
         -COST Action "WiNeMO" grantsInformation:
    • "You're welcome to apply for STSM in accordance to the rules specified
      STSM application submission deadline: March 15, 2011
      STSM acceptance notification: March 23, 2011
      STSM dates (up to 3 month or 6 month for ESR): within the period from March 24, 2011 to June 31, 2011. If you want STSM beyond June 31, 2011 please contact WiNeMO Chair at  "
    • Does somebody know other grant opportunities (e.g. for Summer/Winter school)?
  3. Codec under development in TUT (project started recently, some results probably will be ready by FRUCT9)  
  4. We agreed on making collection of participants publications and main key papers on the topics of the Video WG on FRUCT web-page. Link to the video page/blog will be provided by Anton S.
  5. We have another participant from France - Marwen Abdennebi. His interests in WG: video models and traces, that could be applied for MAC layer models for video transmission system

 Some requests for everybody:

  1. Please send a list of topics for lectures that you can provide (information could be useful for Video WG Workshop or Summer/Winter school in the future)
  2. Lets discuss by e-mail more in details the projects content and roles that each of us can take in it.

Thanks for participating in telco and hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,