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Libmeegotouch: Touch Everywhere (MeeGo Training)

The training agenda is as follows:

Introduction to MeeGo Touch Framework

  • How to get started? How do I build it? On which platform?
  • Why would I use MeeGo touch instead of QML/plain Qt in tablets?
  • What kind of tooling support is available for MeeGo Touch?
  • MeeGo Touch resources: community, bugzilla, gitorius, etc.

An Application from Scratch

  • Choosing our target: tablets/handhelds
  • Setuping our environment: Qt Creator, libmeegotouch, git
  • What visual elements I need? graphics, styles, etc.
  • Coding:

    • Code style
    • Recommended design patterns
    • Localization: How I should code to do my application localizable (multi-languages)?
    • Styles/graphics: How to use? , How manipulates meegotouch the graphics?
    • How MeeGo Touch applications are tested and debugged?

The application

We will develop a sample an application, while following, the audience may follow us and create an application of their own.

  • My application is done:

    • How can I run my application on a real device (e.g. N900) or emulator?
    • What are the steps to package/publish my application?

Recommended skills for the audience:

  • Basic skills of C++ and Qt
  • Basic skills in using GNU/Linux platform as development environment

To follow the coding exercise, we recommend bringing with you:

  • Laptop with a supported MeeGo development environment (Debian / Ubuntu recommended)
  • QtCreator + local copy of libmeegotouch + dependencies (read README at gitorious)

Meego training registration

Registration to the conference and trainings has been closed on 09.11.

You can still register on site, if there is enough space.