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Smart-M3 platform training

The training session gives an overview of different available APIs for the Smart-M3 platform and the possible programming models. There is also a hands-on component where a simple application written in python is extended.

Smart-M3 is an interoperability platform that provides mechanisms to share information expressed using RDF. The platform consists of a Semantic Information Broker (SIB) that stores the information, and Knowledge Processors (KP) that can insert, remove, query and subscribe to information. The information is stored in Smart-M3 according to standardized or otherwise agreed ontologies. Information sharing helps the participating KPs to gather relevant context information which leads to more efficient operation and innovative multi-device use cases. For more information about Smart-M3 please check

The Smart-M3 open source release contains KP APIs for GLib/C, Python, and Qt/C++. The KPs can connect to the SIB by using either TCP/IP or NoTA H_IN protocol. There are also ontology library generators for GLib/C, Python and ANSI-C APIs that allow developers to program using ontology concepts instead of using Smart-M3 basic operations and RDF. The release will be improved with new features such as conditional update and a set of generic KPs helping to process context information.

The training attendees have a choice to follow the training in lecturer-driven mode or take part in hands-on, which assumes the following pre-requirements from the corresponding attendees:

  • You should bring own laptop with working installation of Smart-M3. Smart-M3 will available to all developers under open license. To learn more about Smart-M3 installation visit:
  • You should have basic knowledge of Python language

The training agenda is as follows:

  • Show M3 python API in detail, overview of other APIs
  • Different abstraction levels: SSAP vs. using an ontology library
  • Hello world example
  • Hands-on exercise / detailed demo

Smart-M3 platform training

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