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Security training and presentation

Training and lecture are given by Jan-Erik Ekberg.

Hardware platform security and ObC

The lecture will provide an overview of platform security mechanisms in mobile handsets. We will explore some of the available hardware mechanisms for providing the trust foundation for system security.  Further, a a high-level overview of the OnBoard Credentials platform security framework, available in Nokia Symbian^3 devices is provided. The architecture encompasses an execution environment for 3rd-party credentials, Open provisioning and APIs for producing user-level programs that makes use of credentials in the trusted environment.

Secure boot and operating system security concepts will be reviewed using Symbian, Maemo/Meego and Android security as use cases.

Maemo/Meego platform security

This lecture provides an introduction to the Maemo / Meego Linux OS system components that provide access control and security services within the Maemo / Meego kernel and filesystem. Additionally, secure boot and operating system security concepts will be compared using Symbian, Maemo/Meego and Android security as references

Platform security training

In this hands-on training session we will explore the development environment and coding language for making credential programs in the OnBoardCredentials context, and further to provision them to the platform. The participants get to write their own small authentication credential that is provisioned and run in an emulated instance of ObC.