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Minutes of the FRUCT Smart Spaces WG on 2013-09-23

Dear Colleagues, please find below the minutes of the Smart Spaces WG telco:
I would like to remind you that the next Telco will be held on October 07 at 11:00 MSK
The action points for the group members are:
- All SSWG members will study for projects proposals.
- Alexey and Dmitry will prepare agenda for face-to-face meeting.
- Andrew Vasiliev will prepare documentation and examples of substitution mechanism for Smart-M3 (contact to the Kirill Krinkin team if they can provide recources for implement tests).
- Alexey Kashevnik will prepare comparision tests for migration of Smart-M3 to virtuoso db
- Kirill Krinkin will fix the bug in redsibd (related to the subscribe probem than several threads changes the subscription triple). Andrew Vasiliev will control the task.
- Sergey Popov, Dmitry Muoromtsev together with Dmitry Korzun shall prepare and report to the WG a plan of joint activities on development of the smart room.
- Andrew Vasiliev reports about integration of Smart Spaces and IoT based on his PhD thesis.
- If you are going to use HIP in Smart-M3 contact with Ilia Nikolayevsky.
- Kirill Krinkin will determine a person responsible for release plans.
- Kirill Krinkin will think till the next FRUCT conference about the hardware SIB implementation. Study technologies and prepare presentation.
- All members will think about SIB integration in Wi-fi router.
Please add action points that I missed in the summary above. All other comments, topics and suggestions are very welcome.
Thanks for participating in telco and hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards,
Sergey Balandin