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Alternative to pre-install package of regional MeeGo applications

The success of the using of any mobile device depends on software usability. . It is important for all users to have set of simple application to perform easy everyday tasks. Such tasks can be different in different regions: adapted for local language, local services (social networks, mail servers, maps etc). It should be easy to install a pack of such applications. Indeed currently there are a lot of localized applications, but they are not structured. The purpose of this project is creation of alternative pre-installed regional applications package. MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan is highly configurable and it is possible to change almost every standard functions (dialler, calendar, email and social networks clients, phone book, etc) in accordance with local requirements. This package can use available GPL applications as a base. Such approach provides a possibility to create alternative pre-installed applications package in quick and effective way.


The success of the using of any mobile device depends on user simplicity and convenience. It is really important to MeeGo Nokia device.  All users, in spite of their abilities and skills wish to have got sets of simple programs for any useful easy work functions. Such programs should have free license and simple installation. Indeed we have got a lot of programs with the same properties but they are not structured. How to choose the convenient program to any user?  One way is to buy the commercial version. A second way is to use free licensed programs according to professional expertise and advices. It is suggested to form special sets of assuredly and capable programs or form an alternative pre-install package of regional MeeGo applications. It could be done based on existent free licensed programs. Such approach helps to find new directions to design future programs.
Certainly, there are many users which prefer high-quality service, but such service always requires the payment.  At the same time many users do not wish to pay money for using the programs.  Sometimes they use pirate versions and don’t know that there are the same simple programs with a free license.  As a rule, any user after frequent attempts, after useless spending a time, forms the own set of the programs.
The practice showed that all user programs can be divided onto a few popular groups and for these groups it is possible to choose the most comfortable programs. Certainly, it is necessary to have a resource, where such programs will accumulate. 
Today Linux software market has an enormous number of the programs, but, unfortunately, they are badly structured.  Nobody wants to structure of these programs, because it is unpaid work and require large professional efforts. Professionals go on the developing of the intellectual difficult programs and it seems that these programs need to the professionals themselves but not for ordinary users. Ordinary users are often forgotten.  At the same time the success of the use of mobile device doesn’t depends on his high intellectuality functions but high popularity. It is very important to new Nokia N9
The presence of the well structured large numbers of software programs with expert estimated recommendations not only helps for users but also considerably increases the friendly property of device. In addition such approach stimulates the developers of the free software to make new and new programs.
Presence of large number of the well structured programs by expert evaluation recommendations not only helps users but also considerably increases properties of friendliness of mobile devices.  To our opinion absence of such sets of the friendly programs for the device of Maemo Nokia 810 was the result of falling of popularity of the use of these devices.  In addition such approach stimulates the developers of public domain software, to do all new and new programs.
It is a main task of the offered project. Certainly, such programs aren’t interesting for the high qualification developers and realization of test works isn’t interesting too. But someone can fulfill such work.
Reality and success of realization of project is provided by the feature of university. A university has a lot of the creative young people, which wish to participate in the real projects according to their interests and inquisitiveness. In a fact that a university is a stable structure. The responsibility for all estimations and recommendations is taken by the university Research laboratory.
On realization of the considered problems it is had to analyze all existent programs (or greater part) with free license. It is also necessary to create the open repository for such software. All considered programs should be structured on user comfortable group according to social researches and recommendations. The final result of this step is to create architecture of the offered set of the programs.  It is assumed to form the final set of the programs on three variants: as the simple extended set, as an installation package and as an alternative package.

The first variant means that an analysis and testing of the programs will allow to choose assuredly executable codes and to make corresponding sets and reliable recommendations of their use. In this case a user will choose a necessary for him set of programs.
The second variant is a generation of installation package. Thus a user can choose the set of the necessary for him programs and the appropriate installation package will be formed.
Third variant means that the alternative pre-install package of regional MeeGo applications the will be formed. This package will be an alternative extension proposition to standard existing package. 
As a result the analysis will allow to form new directions to develop new programs.

Goals and future research directions

1. review existing free applications for Linux/Maemo/MeeGO that can be suitable for regional alternative pre-install pack.
2. Select most useful applications
3. port Linux and Maemo application to MeeGo (Harmattan)
4. develop own applications for cover missing functionality
5. Create alternative to pre-install package out of selected, ported and developed applications

Timeline and Expected Deliverables

Developing and designing the “alternative pre-install pack” architecture
Review of the existing free software applications
Selected applications testing
Packaging selected applications into pre-install pack
final pre-install pack testing

Project release on summer – autumn  2011 and spring 2012.


Team Leader: PhD, professor Vladimir Sayenko (Head of Scientific Direction);
Software Developing: eng. Alexander Kachur  (develop. manger);
Social Testing: PhD stud. Tatiana Kolentseva (manager), ass. Angelika Kalnitskaya, PhD ass. prof  Natalya Vasiltsova (sc. adviser);
Architecture Development: PhD ass. Prof Dmitriy Mihnov (manager);
Hardware testing: ass. Dimitryi Alekseev (manger).

Organisation: Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkov, UKRAINE

Requested assistance

Architecture decisions review (Timofey Turenko, FRUCT)
Consulting on Harmattan-specific development (FRUCT MeeGo Work Group)