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Qt Messaging Framework plugins for social network services

Background and Motivation: 

Message exchange is one of the important parts of user activity. There are two ways to exchange: instant messaging (for example Google Talk or telephony messages) and store-and-forward messaging (for example e-mail). The Qt Messaging Framework (QMF) is designed for mobile networks and devices. It is extensible framework and allows to use other types of internet and telephony messages via plugins of daemon server process.

Project Summary: 

Qmf-vkontakte is a QMF plugin for Vkontakte social network. Plugin allows to retrieve and send messages using standard e-mail client, for example, qtmail. Plugin based on libvkontakte library which are used application programmer interface (API) to connect to service. Plugin works similar to the pop3 and smtp plugins.

Usage & Video

After plugin installation user can add VKontakte account into Incoming or Outgoing accounts. The Setup requires username (e-mail or id + "") and password.

The plugin usage will be shown on qtmail mail application, which is included into QMF. First video shows plugin initialization and message sending and receiving.

Second video shows error processing during plugin work.

Third video shows CAPTCHA processing and plugin work on N900 platform (Maemo 5).

Last video shows plugin work on MeeGo SDK.

Known bugs

  • The plugin uses User API ( to connect VKontakte service. Unfortunately, it don't work with big messages. We are planned to pass to VKontakte API.
  • If you have installed old version of libvkontakte, libvkontakte-dev or libvkontakte-dbg, you may get error message during install. In this case you need to update this library separately and repeat installation process. This problem may caused for other libraries.

Click here to install this application

Project goals and future research directions: 
<p class="rtejustify">The first project goal is to integrate social network's communication possibility into applications based on QMF. The second goal is to adapt qtmail to mobila platform restrictions (e.g. small screen). The third goal is to spread QMF into different platforms and operation systems.</p> <h2>&nbsp;</h2>
Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

Summer 2010. Project release.
Autumn 2010. Move to Qt 4.7 and new version of libvkontakte (new API).
Winter 2010/11. Add support to read messages from wall.

Final deadline: 
Friday, November 12, 2010 (All day)