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Third seminar

21 May
Room: 53-03
Chairman: Alexey Dudkov

09:30 30m Registration
10:00 15m Official opening of the Seminar, St. Petersburg Government, SUAI, Consulate of Finland
10:15 15m FRUCT program description and progress, Sergey Balandin, Nokia
10:30 1,5h Symbian OS – Overview, possibilities and the community, Andreas Jakl, Symbian Academy
12:00 1h Time for Lunch
13:00 1h Net.beans environment, Vadim V. Monakhov, Saint-Petersburg State University
14:00 1h Building location and context aware solutions on Nokia platforms, Petro Soininen, Forum Nokia
15:00 15m Coffee-break
Network Technologies section
Symbian training
Room: 53-01
Trainer: Petro Soininen
Symbian hands-on session & competition, Petro Soininen (Forum Nokia), Andreas Jakl (Symbian Academy)
15:15 1h A simple algorithm for decoding Reed-Solomon codes, Sergey Fedorenko, SUAI
16:15 15m A method for fast estimation of convolutional code spectrum and its application to designing turbo codes for wireless standards, Ilya Katsov, Olga Kapralova, Grigory Evseev, SUAI
16:30 15m Near-optimal symbol mapping for MIMO systems with HARQ protocols, Vladislav Chernyshev, SUAI
16:45 15m MIMO Research in the University of Turku, Jari Tissari, University of Turku
17:00 15m Efficiency of block error correction scheme for chirp spread spectrum wireless link, Anastasia Lavrenko, LETI
17:15 15m Sparse Graph AL-FEC Solutions for IP Datacasting in DVB-H, Kristian Nybom, Åbo Akademi University
18:00 3h Social Event: Boat trip

22 May
Room: 53-01
Chairman: Andrey Ovchinnikov

09:45 15m Day Agenda, Andrey Ovchinnikov, SUAI
10:00 15m WidSets in Russia, Aleksey Koren, SUAI WidSets Lab
10:15 30m Cross-layer modeling of TCP performance over wireless channels with hybrid ARQ/FEC, Roman Dunaytsev,Tampere University of Technology
10:45 15m Insertion of Courses on Embedded Systems in the Petrozavodsk State University Study Process, Alexandr Borodin, Petrozavodsk State University
11:00 15m Semantic search in p2p networks (status report), Alexandra Afanaseva, Eugine Linsky, SUAI
11:15 30m Title OSS and Maemo: introduction, university cooperation, legal issues, Timofey Turenko, Nokia
11:45 15m  
12:00 1h Time for Lunch
13:00 15m OSS in Herzen university, Dmitry Zolotov, Herzen university
13:15 30m Faculty of Mathematics of the Petrozavodsk State University: Overview and OSS courses, Yury Bogoyavlenskiy, Petrozavodsk State University
13:45 15m Lexicon Viewer on Maemo platform, Eugeny Smirnov, Herzen university
14:00 15m Open Source and Linux in Higher Education for Teachers Training, Dmitry Zolotov, Herzen University
14:15 15m Endurance testing of Maemo (status report), Anton Dogadaev, Eugine Linsky, SUAI
14:30 15m Cooperation of IT-park of PetrSU with companies and industrial enterprises of Russia and Finland, Anton Shabaev, Petrozavodsk State University
14:45 15m Modeling of Access network, Vladimir Deart, Vladimir Mankov, Alex Pilugin, MTUCI
15:00 15m Coffee-break
Network Technologies section
WidSets technology training
Room: 53-01
Chairman: Andrey Ovchinnikov
Room: 51-01
Trainer: Aleksey Koren
15:15 15m Multiaccess Tree Algorithms with Interference Cancellation and Memory Restriction in Presence of Cancellation Errors, Sergey Andreev, Eugeny Pustovalov, Andrey Turlikov, SUAI WidSets hands-on session & competition, Aleksey Koren, Aleksandr Sidorenko
15:30 45m Mesh networks, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Tampere University of Technology
16:15 15m Comparison and performance estimation of arithmetic coding algorithms, Anton Veselov, Andrey Turlikov, SUAI
16:30 15m Analysis and Improvement of JPEG-LS algorithm, Elena Malisheva, SUAI
16:45 15m Statistical modulation for low-complexity wireless video transmission, Anton Sergeev, Anton Veselov, SUAI
17:00 30m Challenges of implementing wireless sensor networks for industrial applications, Vesa Pentikäinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

23 May
Room: 53-03
Chairman: Andrey Ovchinnikov

09:45 15m Day Agenda, Andrey Ovchinnikov, SUAI
10:00 1h Real-time in embedded systems, Michel Gillet, Nokia
11:00 15m The Concept of ActionC − A Method for Formal Specification and Verification of Embedded Systems in SystemC, Tomi Metsälä, University of Turku
11:15 15m Protocol Processor Enabled Secure Connections in Embedded Systems, Jani Paakkulainen, University of Turku
11:30 15m SystemC Power Estimation Models (status report), Felix Shutenko, SUAI
11:45 15m Bluetooth Interference Detection for Multi-Radio Platform Optimization, Alexander Kozlov, Eugeny Pustovalov, SUAI
12:00 1h Time for Lunch
13:00 1,5h NGN/IMS deployment strategy in communication networks, Andrey N. Terekhov, St. Petersburg State University
14:30 15m Adaptive power saving on receiver side in DVB-H system based on JPEG2000 standard, Ann Ukhanova, SUAI
14:45 15m A Rate Control management in JPEG2000 for wireless video transmission, Vladimir Bashun, SUAI
15:00 15m Extended YUV transform for efficient image compression, Victor Minchenkov, Anton Sergeev, Andrey Turlikov, SUAI
15:15 15m Coffee-break
15:30 15m Open Source Linux Laboratory at LETI, Kirill Krinkin, LETI
15:45 15m OLPC Mesh Networking, Arina Rudakova, LETI
16:00 15m Status report of University of Jyväskylä, Vitaliy Tykhomyrov, University of Jyväskylä
16:15 15m Diversity Reception in Microwave Links, Yarina Duplica, LETI
16:30 1h The way to created a new services utilizing personal content for travelers, Oleg Beletski, Nokia
17:30 30m Results of hands-on sessions, Presentation of WidSets & Symbian mobile solutions Voting, Selecting the winner of the WidSets Contest
18:00 15m Official Closing of the Seminar