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SketchIt - Simple Vector Scheme Editor for Mobile Devices with Touch Screen


The project goal is to develop a simple vector scheme editor for mobile devices with touch screen. The main feature of our editor SketchIt is auto recognition of figures. This helps users to draw an accurate and neatly schemes quickly.


Nowadays almost everybody, who have been involved in a team work, is familiar with the following problem. During a conference or a meeting there appears a necessity to draw a scheme or a graph. It might be a system architecture, device structure or a project schedule. It should be possible to draw such scheme very fast using mobile device, but the result should be accurate and neatly.

In existing scheme editors (MS Visio, OpenOffice Draw) users select the figure from some predefined set and place it somewhere on the screen. But this is not very fast process. We propose another solution. User just draws sketch of figure on the touch screen using finger or stylus, application recognizes drawings and converts them to vector format.

The editor support the following functionality:

  • Auto recognition of figures (basic set: line, arrow, ellipse and rectangle)
  • Moving, deleting and resizing of figures
  • Binding text to figures
  • Undo and redo
  • Export to PNG and SVG formats

The project is developed on C++ with Qt. The target platforms are Maemo and Meego.

Timing and Deliverables

August 2010 - project kick-off

October 2010 - draft version with main functionality releases

February 2011 - 1.0 version releases for Maemo and MeeGo platforms (in progress)

April 2011 - SketchIt is going to be presented on the 9th FRUCT conference in Petrozavodsk, Russia (in progress)


Project Team

Evgeny Linsky (SUAI), mentor

Viitaly Petrov (SUAI), student, developer


References - the official project web page - the SketchIt repository for MeeGo - the article describing SketchIt creation process (in Russian)

Final deadline: 
Friday, April 29, 2011 (All day)