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SmartDiet - personal diet planner

Background and Motivation: 

The healthcare and wellbeing are the most important aspect of human life. However, it is so natural for people to recall these aspects only when they face serious problems and there is a need for serious and expensive medical treatment, while most of these issues could be more efficiently addressed by simple and very cheap prophylaxis. Efficient wellbeing and healthcare solutions shall use non-disturbing ways of collecting data, so that a user will not fill how the data is collected. This essay discusses a series of mobile services for wellbeing and healthcare. The main research question is how to regularly collect up-to-date information about critical body parameters without changing user’s lifestyle and then to develop advanced solution for computer-based pre-analysis of the data, so that deviations of critical parameters will be reported to the corresponding medical specialists at the early phase and with reasonable amount of source data.

Project Summary: 

Slogan “You are what you eat” is widely known. The choice of food and how eating process is organized have a great impact on person’s health. There is a significant group of people that has to follow strict diet because of the health problems, e.g., people with diabetes mellitus, gastritis, allergies and etc.
Based on this we can conclude that services for automated diet control will be really demanded. Our solution is based on adoption of Smart Space principles to provide user with decisions that will ensure personal comfort and meet requirement of personal healthy diet.
Nowadays there is an open source platform Smart-M3 that can be used for prototyping smart space applications. Thanks to work done by large research and developer community the Smart-M3 platform is quite stable and has been already ported to a number of operational systems.
Development of SmartDiet service will be split to two stages. In the first stage the basic diet monitoring application is developed based on the conventional technologies of today’s mobile development. The second stage targets in adopting all key features of smart spaces solutions by using features that already can be delivered using Smart-M3 platform. The proposed solution will ensure proper combination in one solution the top scientific results in areas of mobile healthcare and smart spaces, with clear addressing of every-day needs of users.
Now we developed the first service prototype which helps a user to control his/her physical activity, diet and weight at any place and time user wants. With the help of our application, the user can calculate ideal weight, ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates and sum of used calories. The user can determine whether it is rational nutrition level and define if she/he has proper weight in terms of the body mass index (BMI). The application informs a person about consumed and spent kCal. The user has all internal tools for managing databases of products she/he consumes and performed physical activities. In addition, the user can set a reminder which will gently encourage him(or her) to eat, take medication etc. In this case appropriate note will appear in the organizer of user's device.

Project goals and future research directions: 
<p>Currently the main focus of our studies has shifted to exploration of the smart space capabilities in providing a way for communication between different devices participating in SmartDiet service provision chain. <br /> The next version of SmartDiet service will be multi-users to allow optimizing diet decisions for the whole family or even office catering points. Also it will include smart food supply (logistics) block, which later will be connected to services that monitor discounts and special offers in preferred shops and so help to decrease time and cost of the food purchase process. If the privacy policy allows, physicians and children can continuously monitor what their elderly relatives are consuming, see changes in the critical body parameters and use special recommendation systems and doctor advices to correct the consumption pattern.</p>
List of team members and their organizations: 

Ekaterina Dashkova - Student of Yaroslavl State University on the visit to Tampere University of Technology
Regina Dorokhova - Student of St-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI”

Project Timeline and Expected Deliverables: 

By April 10, 2012 to publish the first prototype of SmartDiet service at Nokia Store.

Final deadline: 
Monday, November 5, 2012 (All day)