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Mobile Linux, OSS and Maemo/MeeGo Systems

Infrastructureless p2p network for Maemo


One of the most interesting applications for wireless mobile devices is infrastructure-less network called ad hoc network. In ad hoc network devices could establish connections with each other without usage of access points. By definition the nodes are mobile and could form arbitrary topologies. As result some nodes could not directly connect to each other due the limited reception range of wireless antennas. For such nodes packets should be forwarded by other nodes over constructed routes. That is why the key protocol in this kind of networks is routing. It should be self-configuring and self-healing protocol, i.e. it should dynamically reconfigure routes after leaving and joining of nodes.

We suggest developing the implementation of routing protocol for ad hoc network organized by N810 devices. Additionally we plan to implement simple p2p file sharing application to demonstrate applicability of developed routing protocol.


As prototypes we plan to take DSR [1] or AODV [2] protocols -- for routing, and Gnutella -- for p2p file sharing.


  • Studying implementation of IP protocol stack of Maemo
  • Studying neighbor nodes detecting capabilities of N810
  • Implementing of routing protocol
  • Implementing of p2p file sharing application