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Ubiq Mobile training


Ubiq Mobile is a universal platform for developing distributed mobile applications and services. It is primarily targeted for creation of applications with non-trivial server-side logic that are able to work efficiently in different mobile networks, including slow and relatively unstable ones. Ubiq Mobile supports various mobile platforms, including Symbian S60, Java ME for different models of phones, Android and some other platforms.

Ubiq Mobile development environment includes set of server-side APIs for development of distributed applications and set of standardized clients for supported mobile platforms. Server-side components are working under Microsoft.NET and for their development and debugging Microsoft Visual Studio can be used.

As an additional option, it's possible to build Ubiq Mobile distributed applications using graphical domain-specific languages (DSLs). There are set of DSLs focused on different classes of applications. For automatic generation of Ubiq Mobile code, an original visual modelling technology called QReal is used.

The purpose of the training is to familiarize participants with Ubiq Mobile and QReal technologies and give them "a live feeling" of practical work with the technologies through the step-by-step development of sample application - webcam surveillance service.

The training agenda

Training will be held in Nokia office, building Hermia 5, PC-Class B112 on November 8 from 14.00 till 18.00. Don't forget to register yourself to the training. The training program is as follows:

  1. Overview of Ubiq Mobile concepts, program models and development environment
  2. Overview of QReal concepts, modeling and generation tools
  3. Creation of sample webcam application using Ubiq Mobile .NET API
  4. Creation of the same application using DSL
  5. Demos of Ubiq Mobile applications on mobile devices


We expect the training participants have the following software installed on their laptops:

The platform-related software will be available for downloading closer to the training.
Training participants are supposed to have C# programming skills and Microsoft.NET development experience.

Registration is closed