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Demos session at FRUCT9

Presentation of FRUCT demos is divided into two parts. First all demos gets exactly 5 min timeslot at the special "Demo promotion section" that will be held as the last conference session on April 28 (before the social event). The demo presentation should consist of minimum 1 slide and maximum 2 slides that will changed automatically. The main purpose of this session is to encourage conference attendees to attend your demo stand. The second part of demo session is combined with FRUCT Social Event on April 28. Each demo will get it stand and place for poster (if needed). In case of some special requirements please contact the local organizing committee. The list of FRUCT9 demos is as follows:

  1. SmartScribo+SmartConference, by PetrSU, SPIIRAS, SPbETU
  2. Project MySocials (including Gallery with access to ВКонтакте, Facebook, Flickr and other social networks, access to ВКонтакте via Empathy with use of Connection Manager Telepathy on libmsavk, prototype of MySocials UI for MeeGo done on Qt, QMF-Socials plagins), by PetrSU
  3. Games Liquid and Shariks, by PetrSU
  4. Monitoring of TCP connection tools at the kernal level, by PetrSU
  5. HiveMind project (includes new features and improved teamwork tools, available for MeeGo and Windows), by YarSU
  6. Demo of Octotask project, by YarSU
  7. Connected Health - demo part of mobile health monitoring system, by MSU
  8. Smart Board demo for Meego with Smart-M3 platform, by SPbETU
  9. 3D motion CAPTCHA demo, by TUT and SUT
  10. Video capturing service with social networks functionality for MeeGo, by NNSU
  11. Monitoring movements of the human eye, by NNSU
  12. Hands free email for MeeGo, by NNSU
  13. LIST service: the new abilities, by NNSU
  14. OSMaps library, by NNSU
  15. MAR-drone quadrocopter demo on MeeGo, by Nokia
  16. SketchIt: simple vector scheme editor with figures auto recognition, by SUAI
  17. PersonalRobotics: through Game to Science, by SPbSU
  18. Poster presentation management system, by ITMO
  19. Nostalgia: how to use QtQuick to give second life to the games of the past, by SUAI