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Latest changes and updates on the site

Updated date Title
13.02.11 Tour of Qt trainings in Russia
02.02.11 Обзор MeeGo-ресурсов
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (calendar 2)
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (licentiate seminars)
17.01.11 Umeå University (research news)
17.01.11 Umeå University (general news)
17.01.11 Umeå University (faculty of science and technology)
17.01.11 Stockholm University
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (lectures and seminars)
17.01.11 Royal Institute of Technology (conferences)
17.01.11 European institute of innovation and technology
17.01.11 Aalto University
14.01.11 MeeGo materials
12.01.11 Presentations
02.01.11 О Qt
02.01.11 Судейство
02.01.11 Все работы
02.01.11 Регистрация
02.01.11 Правила участия
31.12.10 E-WeREST / FRUCT December Newsletter
31.12.10 E-WeREST / FRUCT November Newsletter
30.12.10 FRUCT team won 2nd place at Russian IT Breakthrough contest!
22.12.10 Congratulations to the winner of Symbian power drain contest!
02.12.10 Win 100'000 rubles in the contest for Best Russian Qt application
02.12.10 Administrative structure of FRUCT program
22.11.10 FRUCT won in 2 nominations of Russian Mobile VAS Award
15.11.10 FRUCT8 presentations
09.11.10 8th FRUCT conference registration
25.10.10 8th FRUCT on Twitter
18.10.10 Nokia Developer Breakfast
18.10.10 Application Developer Days
18.10.10 PhD position in computer science in mobile distributed systems
18.10.10 Baltic Congress on Future Internet Communications BCFIC 2011
18.10.10 Creator of С++ programming language Bjarne Stroustrup calls for speakers at “Soft development 2010” conference
18.10.10 Nokia Developer Breakfast в Нижнем Новгороде
17.10.10 Описание Nokia N900
17.10.10 Зарегистрированные приложения
17.10.10 Правила участия в конкурсе
17.10.10 Конкурс на создание лучших Российских приложений для Nokia N900
03.10.10 MeeGo applications contest
01.10.10 FRUCT8 conference registration and paper submission are open
01.10.10 FRUCT August-September Newsletter
08.08.10 Information about project participants
01.08.10 FRUCT June-July Newsletter
01.07.10 The 10th International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Advanced Networking NEW2AN 2010
01.07.10 PhD positions at Vienna University of Technology
01.07.10 The Annual International Workshop on Advances in Methods of Information and Communication Technology (AMICT’2010)
01.07.10 Win Nokia N900: challenge for Russian MAEMO developers
01.07.10 Sun Tech Days 2010
01.07.10 The 7th International Conference “Software Quality Assurance Days”
01.07.10 Qt winter school 2010
01.07.10 International Master's Degree Programme in IT: Tampere University of Technology, the FRUCT partner program
01.07.10 Mobile Software Forum
01.07.10 Web-Ready contest
01.07.10 International science camp for young people MILLENNIUM YOUTH CAMP 2010