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Smart-M3 Materials

The list below contains titles or descriptions of Smart-M3 resources, either existing or desirable.

Introduction to Ontologies

Ian Horrocks, Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Concept and Setup Guide

Low-level KP programming: RDF triples

  • Python KP API for Smart-M3 documentation
  • Annotated samples of the use of RDF-based APIs in Python [samples are available at sourceforge, but some kind of consistent guide is very much desirable]

High-level KP programming: OWL ontology

Smart-M3 Applications


This is a contribution of a student team from the University of Bologna (Second faculty of Engineering, Cesena). The aim of this demonstration is to present a PHP library to allow any device equipped with a web-browser to connect and interact remotely with Smart-M3 based Smart Spaces. The PHP library has been created refactoring the Java source code of the KP Interface, following the same core logic and creating the PHP classes that implement the same methods with the same interface. The library is similar to its counterparts developed in Java and C#. It is structured into two classes: KPICore and SSAP_XMLTOOLS. The former is used to communicate with the SIB (i.e. it manages sockets and it exposes the SSAP primitives), while the latter is used to generate and parse the SSAP messages exchanged between the Knowledge Processor and the Semantic Information Broker. Due to the features of PHP technology, the subscription functionality has not been implemented because it is not possible to run an independent control flow (i.e. thread) to manage SIB notifications. Nonetheless the demo shows how easy it is to handle information exchange between  web agents thanks to the Smart-M3 based Interoperability Platform. Future works will include the integration of the library with a PHP based content management system (i.e. Drupal) to enable context aware content access.

2. Secure chat

The aim of the contribution is to demonstrate  a simple chat system over the SMART-M3 platform with particular focus on aspects that concerns information security privacy. The proposed application provides the basic functionalities of a chat service and in particular, a room-based private or public communication. Since in the current implementation of smart-M3 security issues like message encoding and access control are not natively supported, we tried to introduce policies and mechanism to provide this features for the Secure M3 Chat System. The most important qualities of smart M3 that we have found useful when developing the application are the scalability and the interoperability provided by the ontology based semantic approach of information representation: different devices and clients  may  be coded in several  programming environments and languages communicating and cooperating to provide a good perceived quality of service to the final user.

Bibliography of Smart-M3 related papers

Bibliography containing references for many Smart-M3 related papers. Also contains some more general references that may be useful. In BiBTeX format (.bib).