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17th FRUCT Conference: Program

IEEE IEEE ComSoc EMC Yaroslavl State University ITMO University

Program of the 17th FRUCT conference is now available for download.


April 22, 2015 (Wednesday)
Yaroslavl State University, Sovetskaya st. 14, 150000 Yaroslavl

Session: Official opening of the 17th FRUCT conference
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Sergey Balandin
12:00 1h 17th FRUCT Conference Registration
13:00 30m Official opening of the 17th FRUCT conference
Welcome words:
Alexander Rusakov – Rector of Yaroslavl State University
Sergey Balandin – President of FRUCT Association
13:30 1h Keynote talk:
Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
by Alexey Kashevnik, SPIIRAS, Russia
14:30 15m Coffee break
Seminar: e-Tourism and Location Based Services
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chair: Ilya Paramonov
14:45 15m Implementation of the recommendation system for the “Open Karelia” information system, Mark Zaslavskiy, ITMO, Tatyana Berlenko and Kirill Krinkin, LETI, Russia
15:00 15m The Route Planning Services Approaches for people with disability, Kirill Kulakov and Irina Shabalina, PetrSU, Russia
15:15 15m Ontological Model and its Applying for Multisource Information Storage in Cultural Trip Planning Service, Kirill Kulakov and Oksana Petrina, PetrSU, Russia
15:30 15m Enhancing the SmartRoom System with e-Tourism Services, Andrey Vdovenko, Sergey Marchenkov and Dmitry Korzun, PetrSU, Russia
15:45 15m Indoor Localization Methods Based on Wi-Fi Lateration and Signal Strength Data Collection, Maksim Shchekotov, SPIIRAS, Russia
16:00 15m Smartphone-Based On-the-Fly Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Vehicles Drider Assistant, Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, SPIIRAS, Igor Lashkov, ITMO, Russia, Naohisa Hashimoto and Ali Boyali, NIASTISRI, Japan
16:15 15m Coffee break
Seminar: Solutions for advanced use cases I
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chair: Kirill Krinkin
16:30 15m MariaDB Enterprise, Ilya Storozhilov, MariaDB Corporation, Russia
16:45 15m A systematic literature review on engineering technology and management challenge of micro wind turbine, Anjar Priandoyo, University of York, UK
17:00 15m Software Architecture for Scalable Computing Systems with Automatic Granularity Selection of Executable Code, Mikhail Pavlov, NPP Satek Plus Ltd, Alexander Petrov, Rybinsk Aviation Technical University, Russia
17:15 15m Modeling of quantum Grover's algorithm on a classical computer, Daniil Shalak, Digital Design, Russia
17:30 15m Development Program Help in the Study of Reed-Solomon Codes, Vitaly Ushakov, SUAI, Russia
17:45 15m Functional model of a software system with random time horizon, Dmitrii Zubok, Aleksandr Maiatin, Maksim Hegai and Valentina Kiryushkina, ITMO, Russia
18:00 1.5h Social Event: Walking excursion in the historical center of Yaroslavl
19:30   Closing of Day 3


April 23, 2015 (Thursday)
Yaroslavl State University, Sovetskaya st. 14, 150000 Yaroslavl

09:00 30m 17th FRUCT Conference Registration
Session: Solutions for advanced use cases II
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Timofey Turenko
09:30 15m MariaDB MaxScale: an intelligent database proxy, Timofey Turenko, MariaDB Corporation Ab, Finland
09:45 15m State-of-the-Art Analysis of Available Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Alexander Smirnov, SPIIRAS, Igor Lashkov, ITMO, Russia
10:00 15m Automation of Thesaurus Construction Using Clusterization-Based Dictionary Analysis, Nadezhda Lagutina and Ilya Paramonov, YarSU, Inna Vorontsova, Yaroslavl Pedagogical University, Natalia Kasatkina, YarSU, Russia
10:15 15m Density of Multi-Task Real-Time Applications, Sergey Baranov, SPIIRAS, Victor Nikiforov, ITMO, Russia
10:30 15m Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem during the Development of ATM Cash Service Planning System, Ekaterina Kaurova, ITMO, Ivan Kaurov, Delovye konsultatsii LLC, Arthur Lazdin, ITMO, Russia
10:45 15m PEG-based language workbench, Ivan Loginov, Yuriy Korenkov and Arthur Lazdin, ITMO, Russia
11:00 15m Approach to the effective use of limited computing resources in educational institutions for providing multimedia services, Denis Parfenov, Irina Bolodurina and Alexander Shukhman, Orenburg University, Russia
11:15 15m Coffee break
Seminar: e-Healthcare and Wellbeing
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chair: Oleg Medvedev
11:30 15m Architectural Approach to the Multisource Health Monitoring Application Design, Yuliya Zavyalova, Aleksandr Borodin, Alexei Zaharov and Igor Yamushev, PetrSU, Russia
11:45 15m Architecture of Automatic Training Data Gathering System - Training Assistant, Nikita Timofeev, Andrey Vasilyev, Ivan Timofeev and Sergey Lobarev, YarSU, Russia
12:00 15m Mobile Apps for Stimulating Healthy Life: Walky Doggy Reference Example, Denis Laure, Aalto University, Finland, Oleg Medvedev, MSU, Russia, Sergey Balandin, ITMO/FRUCT, Russia/Finland, Ksenia Lagutina, YarSU, Russia
12:15 15m On the Use of Splines for Wavelet Construction for Solving the Problem of Biomedical Signal Analysis Process Automation, Andrey Stepanov, SUT, Russia
12:30 1h Lunch break (on your own)
Session: Robotic systems
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Dmitry Korzun
13:30 15m Self-localization of Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment, Alexandr Prozorov, Alexander Tyukin, Andrew Priorov and Ilya Lebedev, YarSU, Russia
13:45 15m Cloud-Centric PaaS Framework for Robots Operation, Alexey Lukashin, Vladimir Zaborovsky and Vladimir Muliukha, SPb Politechnic, Russia
14:00 15m The Artificial Landmark Design for Mobile Robots Localization, Kirill Krinkin, OSLL, Dmitriy Kartashov and Artur Huletski, St. Petersburg Academic University, Russia
14:15 15m The Estimation of Secure Condition of Multi-Agent Robotic System in Case of Information Influence on the Single Component, Igor Zikratov, IlJa Lebedev and Victoria Korzhuk, ITMO, Russia
14:30 15m Coffee break
Session: Smart Spaces and Internet of Things
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Alexey Kashevnik
14:45 15m Smart-M3-Based Robots Self-Organization in Pick-and-Place System, Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Nikolay Teslya, SPIIRAS, Sergey Mikhailov, ITMO, Anton Shabaev, PetrSU, Russia
15:00 15m A Conceptual Framework for Development of Context-aware Location-based Services on Smart-M3 platform, Ilya Paramonov, Andrey Vasilyev and Eldar Mamedov, YarSU, Russia
15:15 15m Verification-Enabling Interaction Model for Services in Smart Space: a TAIS case, Andrew Ponomarev, SPIIRAS, Russia
15:30 15m Design of Semantic Information Broker for Localized Computing Environments in the Internet of Things, Ivan Galov, Aleksandr Lomov and Dmitry Korzun, PetrSU, Russia
15:45 15m Industrial Cyber-Physical System for Lenses Assembly: Configuration Workstation Scenario, Alexey Kashevnik and Nikolay Teslya, SPIIRAS, Boris Padun, Kirill Kipriyanov and Valery Arckhipov, ITMO, Russia
16:00 15m Proposed approach for organizational structure of sensor networks, Aleksandr Gorbachev, Eugene Ermakov and Sergey Panasura, Tyumen University, Russia
16:15 15m Feasibility Study of the THz Band for Communications between Wearable Electronics, Vitaly Petrov, TUT, Finland
16:30 15m On Mobile Bluetooth Tags, Dmitry Namiot, MSU, Russia, Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Ventspils University College, Latvia
16:45 15m Coffee break
17:00 1h Invited talk:
Storage Evolution in IT: Innovations from EMC Corporation
by Artur Vartanyan, EMC Corporation, Russia
18:00 45m Keynote talk:
M-health projects and mining of Big Data
by Oleg Medvedev, Moscow State University, Russia
18:45 12m Coffee break
Session: Demo Pitches: Presentation in Pecha Kucha format
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Ilya Paramonov
18:57 2m Lego Mindstorm EV3-Based Pick-and-Place System, Sergey Mikhailov, ITMO University, Russia
18:59 2m An implementation of CoAP protocol for Arduino and ESP8266, Alexey Andreev, Dmitry Mouromtsev, Kolchin Maxim, Nickolay Klimov, Daniil Garayzuev and Ivan Shilin, ITMO University, Russia
19:01 2m Android e-Tourism Application Tourist Assistant - TAIS, Maksim Shchekotov, SPIIRAS, Russia
19:03 2m Robots Interaction in Smart Space: Object Finding Scenario, Nikolay Teslya, SPIIRAS, Russia
19:05 2m Walky Doggy, Ksenia Lagutina, Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, Russia
19:07 2m Open Karelia - An Informational Portal for Museums, Ilya Paramonov, Eldar Mamedov, Sergey Averkiev, Ivan Shchitov, EverestMD LLC, Kirill Krinkin and Mark Zaslavskiy, FRUCT LLC, Russia
19:09 2m New Moscow Landmarks: Cultural Information System, Ilya Paramonov, Sergey Averkiev, Ivan Shchitov, Daria Roychikova, EverestMD LLC, Kirill Krinkin and Mark Zaslavskiy, FRUCT LLC, Russia
19:11 2m Training Assistant: An Automatic Training Data Gathering System, Nikita Timofeev, YarSU, Russia
19:13 2m Development of the Web-based Doctor Workplace for the Heart Function Monitoring Service, Yulia Zavyalova, Nikolay Lebedev, Alexander Borodin, PetrSU, Russia
19:15 15m Break and Preparation to Demo Session
Session: Conference social event combined with Demo session
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Ilya Paramonov
19:30 1.5h Demo Session and Social Event
21:00   Closing of Day 4


April 24, 2015 (Friday)
Yaroslavl State University, Sovetskaya st. 14, 150000 Yaroslavl

09:00 30m 17th FRUCT Conference Registration
Session: Network Technologies
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Nikolay Teslya
09:30 15m Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network without common control channel evaluated in NS-3, Dick Carrillo, Research and Development Center - CPqD, Brazil
09:45 15m Prototype of the telematics map cloud service, Serge Popov, Vadim Glazunov, Leonid Kurochkin and Mikhail Chuvatov, SPb Politechnic, Russia
10:00 15m A New Trade-off Scheme for MIMO OFDM-based Cognitive Radio Systems over Correlated Fading Channels, Makan Zamanipour, IEEE Member, and Saeed Mashhadi, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
10:15 15m EventBus Module for Distributed OpenFlow Controllers, Igor Alekseev, YarSU, Mikhail Nikitinskiy, A-Real Group, Energia-Info Inc, Russia
10:30 15m Modeling Stateless Transport Protocols in ns-3, Dmitry Chalyy, YarSU, Russia
10:45 15m Improved Algorithm for Identification of Switch Tables in Executable Code, Andrei Gedich, Arcadia, Artur Lazdin, ITMO, Russia
11:00 15m A Simple Information Flow Security Model for Software-Defined Networks, Dmitry Chalyy, Evgeny Nikitin and Ekaterina Antoshina, YarSU, Russia
11:15 15m Coffee break
Session: Embedded Systems and Networks I
Room: Main Conference Hall (2nd floor)        Chairman: Vitaly Petrov
11:30 15m Adaptive Data Streaming Service for Onboard Spacecraft Networks, Ilya Korobkov, SUAI, Russia
11:45 15m Second Revision of the STP-ISS Transport Protocol for On-Board SpaceWire Networks, Yuriy Sheynin, Valentin Olenev, Irina Lavrovskaya, Ilya Korobkov, SUAI, Sergey Kochura, Sergey Openko and Dmitry Dymov, JSC Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, Russia
12:00 15m Scheduling mechanisms for SpaceWire networks, Ilya Korobkov, Elena Podgornova, Dmitry Raszhivin, Valentin Olenev and Irina Lavrovskaya, SUAI, Russia
12:15 15m Performance Comparison of Selected Wired and Wireless Networks on Chip Architectures, Maria Komar, TUT/YarSU, Finland/Russia
12:30 15m SpaceWire network support algorithm as part of decentralized Plug-and-Play algorithm, Elizar Fortyshev and Ksenia Khramenkova, SUAI, Russia
12:45 15m Protocol for Connection Ethernet Interface to SpaceWire Networks, Evgeny Yablokov, Valentin Rozanov and Alexey Vinogradov, SUAI, Russia
13:00 1h Lunch break (on your own)
Session: Embedded Systems and Networks II
Room: 304        Chairman: Ilya Korobkov
14:00 15m Tasks of Decentralized SpaceWire-Plug-and-Play Algorithm, Ksenia Khramenkova, Elizar Fortyshev, SUAI, Russia
14:15 15m Platform-Based Embedded Solution for Small Satellite’s Onboard Computing, Olga Mamoutova, Alexander Fedotov, Alexey Filippov and Alexander Antonov, SPb Politechnic, Russia
14:30 15m System Level Modeling of Dynamic Reconfigurable System-on-Chip, Nadezhda Matveeva, Elena Suvorova, Alexey Rabin and Valentin Rozanov, SUAI, Russia
14:45 15m Domain-Specific Approach to Software Development for Microcontrollers, Boris Sedov, Alexey Syschikov, Vera Ivanova and Sergey Pakharev, SUAI, Russia
15:00 15m The Network Calculator for NoC Buffer Space Evaluation, Nadezhda Matveeva, Elena Suvorova, Lev Kurbanov, Yuriy Sheynin and Valentin Rozanov, SUAI, Russia
15:15 15m Fast static performance analysis of parallel program schemes, Alexey Syschikov, Boris Sedov, Vera Ivanova, Yuriy Sheynin and Sergey Pakharev, SUAI, Russia
15:30 15m Coffee break
Session: Image processing and machine vision
Room: 304        Chairman: Andrey Vasilyev
15:45 15m An Algorithm for Quality Assessment of Images, Ivan Mochalov, Andrew Priorov and Alexandr Prozorov, YarSU, Russia
16:00 15m Influence of Packets Losses on Video Quality in Case of Using Multiple Description Coding with Time Division into Two and Three Substreams, Alexey Tarakanov, Olga Gushchina and Ilya Nenakhov, YarSU, Russia
16:15 15m The Development of the Obstacle Detection Monocular TV System in Virtual Environment for a Mobile Robot, Alexander Tyukin, Ilya Lebedev, Alexandr Prozorov and Andrew Priorov, YarSU, Russia
16:30 15m Eye Center Localization on a Facial Image Based on Multi-Block Local Binary Patterns, Anatoly Nikitin, Vladimir Khryashchev, Olga Stepanova, YarSU, Igor Kosterin, Fire and Rescue Academy, Russia
16:45 15m Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Cellular Automata Method, Andrey Noskov, Elena Aminova and Vladimir Volokhov, YarSU, Russia
17:00 15m Official closing of the 17th FRUCT conference, Room 304